Maintenance Program

As durable and reliable as your home heating and cooling systems may seem, they require regular maintenance to keep them operating at peak efficiency. Here at Extreme Heating & Air, we save you time and money with regular service, testing, and HVAC repair. Same-day service, flexible appointments, and affordable pricing make it simple. Home and business owners can schedule a thorough inspection with one of our experienced technicians today.

Advantages of the Preventative Maintenance Program

Regular Inspection

Lubrication of Parts

Lubrication keeps the unit running efficiently.

Adjustments and Cleaning the HVAC system

This allows your home comfort system to last longer and delay replacement cost.

Lower your Operating Cost

By maintaining peak efficiency level of your heating and cooling system.

Avoid Breakdowns

Technicians can spot problems before inconvenient breakdowns happen.

Safety Testing

Safety testing to spot gas leaks or bad wiring.

Validate Equipment Warranties

Having a licensed contractor perform an annual maintenance service validates your unit’s warranty.

Conserve Energy

By signing up for our program, you will also receive the following benefits for any calls beyond the initial preventative maintenance service:

Discount on Labor

No Overtime or Holiday Charges

No Service Charge

HVAC unit installed in backyard

Pricing (Per Unit)

1st Unit: $119.95

Total cost per year: $119.95

2nd Unit: $99.95

Total cost per year: $219.90

3rd Unit: $59.95

Total cost per year: $279.85

4th Unit: $59.95

Total cost per year: $339.80

Call Extreme Heating & Air today to find out how you can take advantage of the program and start saving today.

All prices listed are for residential preventative maintenance contracts. Please contact our office if you would like a quote for commercial preventative maintenance.


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